On the 1st of January of 2014, the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus formed a new province from the old provinces of England/Ireland and Portugal and the houses of France. This was called the Atlantic Europe Province. The new entity is composed of 55 religious sisters spread throughout the world.

It was born from the desire to serve the church better, discovering new ways for the new evangelization.

Sister Marina Santos was nominated Provincial Superior of the province in 2023.

The community of Bournemouth, which was suspended the last four years but a sister regularly visited the ACI Family. This community was reopen from 2017 to 2022.

Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
6, Parkwood Road,
Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset. BH5 2BH
Tel.: +44 (0)1202 421 854

The Dublin community is responsible for the two schools which exist on the campus. They also receive guests, particularly priests from abroad who are continuing their studies. One of the sisters works in alternative medicine.

Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
St. Raphaela’s Road, Upper Kilmacud Road,
Stillorgan, Co. Dublin.
Tel.: +353 (0)1 288 9963

This community is deeply inserted in the life of the district. They work specially in three projects of the Foundation of Santa Rafaela Maria: vis. Tasse (for education); SIM (for integrate immigrants) and PAF (supporting needy families). The sisters animate the district with catechesis and voluntary groups.

Rua Eça de Queirós, Bloco H, 20 – 1º D
Quinta da Fonte da Prata
2860 – 270 Alhos Vedros
Tel. / Fax: (+351) 212892054

Lisbon is the provincial house. Part of their ministry is in the church of Nª Srª da Conceição, where the Eucharist is celebrated every Sunday. They also hold monthly adoration in S. Mamede church and dedicate themselves to ministry among immigrants, refugees, victims of trafficking; and youth ministry with University students. One sister is working in Pedro Arrupe school.

Travessa do Noronha, 17, 5º
1250 – 170 Lisboa
Tel.: (+351) 216057360

There are five sisters in London community. They support and are involved in St. Christina’s school. In the small infirmary the older sisters’ needs are cared for.

Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
25 St. Edmund’s Terrace
London. NW8 7PY
Tel.: +44 (0)207 722 2756

In Palmela besides the professed sisters there are the young sisters who are in the first three or four years of formation (the Postulantship and the Noviciate). The community participates and are responsible for the promotion of the activities in the retreat house. Some of the sisters do voluntary work in the districts of Bela Vista and Fonte da Prata. They also help out with the two parishes of Quinta do Anjo and Palmela.

Casa de Oração Santa Rafaela Maria
Rua Santa Rafaela Maria
2950 – 290 Palmela
Tel.: (+351) 212351212

The Paris community has professed sisters and some in formation who study Philosophy and Theology. They serve the Institut de Alma, our school in Paris, and they work with the Jesuits among the university students. One sister goes to the district of St Ouen-l’Aumone, to animate the association Raphaelle Marie.

Institut de l’Alma
12, Avenue Bosquet
75007 Paris
Tel.: +33 (1) 44186292

The community of Porto has a double mission: on one hand they have responsibility for our school, they participate in the life of the school and animate the pastoral care; on the other hand they are dedicated to care of the older sisters who require special care. Besides this the sisters collaborate in the Jesuits’ University Centre (CREU-IL); in the Jesuits retreat house nearby (Soutelo); and in the chaplaincy of a hospital. They are also responsible for the association of adorers.

Rua Carlos Malheiro Dias, 197
4200-154 Porto
Tel.: (+351) 225504005