What are ACI communities?

ACI communities is a concrete way of living the Christian life that the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus offer to lay groups in order to share the spirituality of Saint Raphaela Mary, their foundress.

ACI communities get together regularly to pray, share life with all its difficulties and joys, and deepen their specific way of following Jesus Christ, living the Gospel and taking part in the Church’s mission.



The following are objectives of the ACI communities for each of its members:

  • Assume a specific way of living the Gospel and taking part in the Church’s mission by following the style of Saint Raphaela Mary.
  • Experience God’s personal love that gives sense to your life and a wish to respond to that love.
  • Discover that “love to the end” in Jesus-Eucharist: life, celebration and adoration.
  • Recognising yourself as fragile and a sinner, in solidarity with the world destroyed by evil at the same time that you contemplate the world with love and hope.
  • Cooperate with Jesus Christ in the reconciliation of men and women with themselves, your own reconciliation with God, and by building a more fraternal world that is the reflection of the Father’s glory.
  • Commit to working for justice in favour of those most in need.

This way of living is both a gift and a free option that brings quality to your whole existence.

Thus, the identity of the ACI communities is summarised in the following: LOVE, WORSHIP and SERVE.