What are the ACI groups?

The ACI groups are a Christian youth movement founded and accompanied by the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Through the spirituality of Saint Raphaela Mary they find in Jesus the strength to become like Him: by living dedicated to reconciliation and trying to make the world a more human and fraternal place.

These children and youth groups try to attain their full development in all fundamental aspects:

  • relationship with oneself;
  • relationship with others;
  • relationship with God.



The group helps each of the members to:

  • grow in self-knowledge and self-acceptance;
  • discover life as a gift and learn how to deal with the difficulties of daily life;
  • share life experiences;
  • listen and being attentive to others;
  • become more committed with their own society;
  • learn how to pray in a group;
  • celebrate and live the Eucharist, specially through adoration;
  • live as Jesus lived and collaborate with him in the reconciliation with oneself, with others and with the world;
  • discover one ́s individual mission in the World and in the Church.

The members of the ACI groups wish to:



Each group has weekly meetings, which are made up of leisure activities, time for reflection, sharing and prayer…
There is an annual theme that unites all activities.



ACI groups have specific support materials for each level, according to the goals defined for each stage.


Main activities

  • Local / national meetings
  • Outings
  • Prayers and Adorations
  • Summer activities / Summer camps


Training of monitors

Several training sessions are held at local and national level in order to help monitors to accompany their group.


The groups have different names and are divided by age and/or school year:

Primary School
  • SPARKS I – 5th year
  • SPARKS II – 6th year

Secondary School

  • TORCHES I – 7th year
  • TORCHES II – 8th year
  • TORCHES III – 9th year
  • FLAMES I – 10th year
  • FLAMES II – 11th year
  • FLAMES III – 12th year


Presentation of the ACI groups (in portuguese):