The Association Raphaelle Marie is a lay association created by the Handmaids which promotes sports, cultural and leisure activities for the children of the Chènevières neighbourhood. Its main goal is to provide a motivating educational space, in close collaboration with parents, and to create the basis for responsible social relations and civic behaviour. It is open every wednesday afternoon.


Participante e animadorAmongst the monitors of these groups, there are young people who live in the neighbourhood and who formerly attended these groups.
Férias Primavera 2014

School holidays are a great opportunity to visit museums, such as the Cité des Sciences, Orsay Museum, Musée des Arts et Métiers (Arts and Crafts Museum), in order to develop children’s curiosity, as well as their artistic and scientific knowledge. Sports activities are also organized, so that children develop their physical and intellectual skills. Team skills are also strongly encouraged.


Saída familiarSaída familiar

Several times a year, trips are organized for families living in the area and every summer, in the company of a Handmaid, there’s a week of holidays in the seaside with some families. These periods strengthen mutual links and support, both at family level and in the neighbourhood itself. Family outings promote mutual knowledge and open up new horizons.