Seminario CAVITP 2016 3Seminario CAVITP 2016 2Seminario CAVITP 2016 1In response to the Decree of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation from the 19th General Congregation, which asks us to cooperate with other organisations in the defence of life and the culture of peace, we participated in Lisbon in the Support Commission for Human Trafficking Victims (CAVITP).

This committee emerged in 2006 from the CIRP (Conference of Religious Institutes of Portugal). It was created to inform, raise awareness and sensitivity, and commit society to the problem of human trafficking which, in the words of Pope Francis, “is really the most extensive slavery in this 21st century”.

“In partnership with other religious and civil society organisations, this team – made up of lay and consecrated people – seeks to develop awareness-raising and cooperative actions for the prevention and blocking of human trafficking networks. Among these preventive measures is a project directed at the school communities of the secondary level. The purpose of this project is to alert these students to this issue, which is undoubtedly one of the greatest attacks on human dignity and human rights, and which is far from being eradicated.