Assembleia das CVX - Portugal

In England and in Portugal, the sisters collaborate with Christian Life Communities being guides for different groups.
Inspired by St Ignatius Loyola and his Spiritual Exercises, CLC is a lay organisation, a world community of small groups of 4-10 people, helping members from all walks of life to integrate prayer and action in daily life, to respond more fully to God’s loving desire for them.

Sr. Sarah Anne Kane tells us about her work with CLC:

My involvement with CLC goes back many years, back to my time in Dublin with small school groups. But here in England I have been involved as Chaplain to the Young Adult Groups.  These are mainly young professional people from various walks of life whom find strength and encouragement in sharing their spirituality with like minded young adults.

My function is to encourage and support them spiritually, both as groups and as individuals, and be available to talk and listen when required.

At present there are 12 such groups, most of who meet in London. They are made up of people from various nations, reflecting the London culture.

This photo shows a typical group: 1-clc-small-group-london

In order to help build the Community aspect of CLC, groups meet socially a few times each year.
The following is such a meeting for a barbecue.


Groups who meet outside London are also supported and encouraged by sharing from other groups.  Such a gathering took place recently in Oxford.


Each year CLC has a National Assembly and this year it was organised by members from the Young Adult Groups.


This was a very uplifting experience bringing to mind the value of CLC membership in everyday life and the call of the Common Mission as expressed in one World assembly:

                                       “We as CLC are called to witness to a world community that empowers
                                                              its members to be prophets of justice and hope”

The Welcoming committee:5-welcoming-registration

Apart from general support, my input for the General Assembly this year was providing a main centrepiece and nine centrepieces for small group prayer and sharing. One is shown here.