Colégio-Escravas-SCJ-PortoOur school in Porto, called Externato das Escravas do S. C. de Jesus, has been in operation since 1957 at the current premises, but the first sisters started teaching in Porto in 1940.

Currently, the school –valued because of its pedagogy, its good academic results and the wealth of its proposed extracurricular activities – welcomes pupils of both sexes from 3 years of age up to the 9th grade.

Rua de Carlos Malheiro Dias, 197
4200-154 Porto
Tel.: +351 22 507 37 10


The motto of the schools run by the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, ad finem fidelis – faithful to the end – expresses a way of educating through a belief in people, willing to commit to the development of each person to their full extent.

This way of educating translates into its own pedagogy, the pedagogy of the heart, that combines firmness and tenderness in order to form hearts that are both strong and sensitive, able to align with the joys and sorrows of those around them, and committed to building a fairer and more humane world.