My name is Sr. Cecilia Chen, I am Chinese and I belong to the new Atlantic Europe Province although I do not live in any of its 4 countries. I was assigned to the United States in February 1986.

Previously, I worked at the Catholic Social Services in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia with Immigrants, at Immigration Department. During weekends I helped with the Chinese Ministry in the Holy Redeemer Church.

In 2013 I was assigned to Miami, Florida. Since my arrival here, in the Miami community, I have been working at the Catholic Charity Legal Services in Miami. In my work place I represent Immigrants before the U.S. Immigration Court in Miami, and before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security. I help them with their Legal Immigration status. Some of the Immigrants face deportation by the U.S. government, and I represent them and their families, in order to keep the family together and not face deportation to their home countries.

During weekends I take part in a Bible sharing group with Chinese people, in Saint Louise Church; participants include Catholics, Christians of different denominations as well as people who don’t have any religious affiliation.

Sr. Cecilia Chen

The photos are taken at my work-site, with the immigrants whom I serve, and at my Bible sharing meeting, at St. Louise Church.