The Saint Raphaela Mary Foundation was created by the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

This Foundation of social solidarity promotes the full development of the person, both human and Christian, and it’s particularly focused on the underprivileged.


The Saint Raphaela Mary Foundation is in charge of the social projects currently delivered by the Congregation of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, some since 1992 in Quinta Fonte da Prata – Alhos Vedros, in the following ways:

  1. Prevention of school drop-out via project TASSE, since 2004. This project is currently supporting around 70 children/youth (7-18 years), with considerable learning difficulties from very underprivileged and chaotic households;
  2. Children and youth protection in association with the CPCJ (official body for the protection of minors at risk), via cooperation agreements with minors at risk;
  3. Courses for insertion into working life and training at the workplace for youth/adults (18-24 years), who were formerly school drop-outs;
  4. Training in parental skills within the scope of support to families, via courses for parents/guardians;
  5. Promotion and coordination of the Local Support Centre for Migrants Integration (CLAII) in the same neighbourhood;
  6. Social and financial support to vulnerable families;
  7. Promotion and accompaniment of youth volunteer groups.

The Foundation develops its mission through:

       a) The education in values such as respect, reconciliation, justice, solidarity, service and the common good;
       b) The development of personal and social skills aiming at a responsible integration in society;
       c) The promotion of paternal and maternal skills and support to families;
       d) The promotion of one’s ethical and transcendental dimension.


In this sense, Saint Raphaela Mary Foundation supports:

a) Children and young people, particularly those at risk or in life threatening situations; it promotes their physical integrity, health, safety, education and their full development;
b) Families, especially those who lack support and are dysfunctional;
c) Underprivileged people, mainly those who are in vulnerable situations of personal, community and social integration;
d) Although the scope of intervention of the Foundation has a national coverage, it is presently working in the Municipality of Moita, in Quinta da Fonte da Prata in Alhos Vedros.

Come and visit us: www.fsantarafaelamaria.org